Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain:

  • We are committed to facilitating your connection with a reputable and cost-effective moving company situated in your city of residence or surroundings.
  • Subsequently, we will organize a comprehensive virtual or in-house survey to accurately assess the weight and volume of your shipment.
  • Following this assessment, we will provide a customized quotation tailored to align with your specific service preferences. Upon your approval, pack and load dates can be coordinated in accordance with your moving plans. We will secure ship space on the next available vessel, ensuring a seamless transition from departure to the destination port.
  • Upon arrival in Spain, we will efficiently handle the necessary customs formalities and establish a convenient timeline for the final delivery at your new place of residence.

Moving to Spain Relocation Services

We will ensure the delivery aligns precisely with the options you have selected, as specified below:

  • Position the container at your residence for self unloading and self unpacking.
  • We offer sufficient and skilled assistance for an agreed-upon duration for tasks such as unloading, unpacking, and reassembly.
  • Alternatively a complete destination service will be provided, including the removal of used materials on delivery day.

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